Unlike my teenage children, I can remember a time when providing for the most basic personal hygiene needs often represented laborious household chores. How lucky we are today to have not only convenience at our finger tips, but can rest safe in the knowledge that the products we use for our personal care are as efficient as they are hygienic, healthy, comfortable and safe.

Sustainability is a core responsibility for the manufacturers of disposable absorbent hygiene products which ensures that industry makes a positive contribution to society and the world we live in today.

Good environmental stewardship is a key priority for AHPMA members and industry continues to improve the overall environmental profile of its products along with enhanced performance.


Tracy Stewart
Director General AHPMA

As these successful industries thrive, they bring employment and wealth to workers across the U.K. Disposable infant nappies, feminine hygiene products and continence care products have revolutionised everyday routines for a vast proportion of our population from infants to the elderly, and in particular those who care for them, both in the family home and within care settings such as hospitals and nurseries.

Despite their apparent simplicity these products are at the forefront of technical innovation which has added to the quality of modern lives, and has offered benefits which few of us would care to be without.

Tracy Stewart
Director General


Industry sustainability Dossier - full version (pdf)

Industry sustainability Dossier - summary (pdf)