Disposable nappies have brought improved hygiene and convenience to the home, nursery and hospital and are the preferred choice of around 95% of parents.  They are quick, clean and easy to use and have been a significant factor in the decline of serious nappy rash during recent decades. 


Products are available in a wide variety of sizes and have a multitude of different features all of which are designed to provide comfort, hygiene and efficiency. These will vary from brand to brand, and may provide enhanced fit, stretch, absorbency, lotions etc.

Disposable nappies will have a waterproof outer layer and a top sheet which will provide comfort and prevent re-wet which can lead to skin irritation. The core of the product will contain absorbent cellulose fluff pulp and most products will contain super absorbent gelling materials. 

Note to parents: disposable nappies should always be correctly disposed of in a bin, according to manufacturers guidelines.

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