Continence Care Products

Bladder and bowel weakness affects a staggering proportion of the population.   Disposable continence care products offer discreet, hygienic protection and dignity to those who use them, as well as helping to maintain good skin health. Sadly because of ‘taboos’ which surround this subject only a minority of people with light or moderate continence problems will seek help, despite the fact that many could be cured.


For older children and adults bladder and / or bowel weakness can severely inhibit lifestyles. Disposable continence products enable people to maintain an active lifestyle with confidence. Where there are more serious health problems, continence products benefit not just the wearer, but the carer too.

There is a vast array of continence products available to suit differing needs, ages and sexes.   A variety of products for light incontinence or bladder weakness is widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies.  Pharmacies will also carry a range for heavier incontinence which may include bladder and bowel weakness.  A wider choice will be available through the NHS.

A proportion of people who are diagnosed as having a long term need for continence care products will receive a limited supply free of charge from the NHS. This is often delivered directly to the home or can otherwise be collected from pharmacies, additional products must be paid for by the consumer. Other people will buy their own.

Continence care products have a waterproof outer and top sheet which will provide comfort and prevent re-wet which can lead to skin irritation. The core of the product will contain absorbent cellulose fluff pulp and super absorbent gelling materials.



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